Why is Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston the perfect Thor 2 villain? And what's ahead for Game of Thrones' dragons?

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Jenna-Louise Coleman tells us more about when she'll be leaving Doctor Who. The head of Disney tries to clear up all those "Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in Episode VII" reports. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is headed to the Finger Lakes. What's ahead for Daenerys Targaryen's dragons on Game of Thrones? Arrow adds a new regular cast member. Plus what's going to happen once Revolution finally returns? It's all spoilers from here on out!


Top image from Doctor Who.

Star Wars: Episode VII

While he didn't exactly deny George Lucas's recent confirmation that original stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill would be in the film, Disney CEO Robert Iger did decide to make it clear that Lucas's decision to sell LucasFilm means he doesn't get to just say that sort of stuff anymore:

"George Lucas was quoted as saying they would [return], but we haven't made an official announcement yet."

It isn't exactly a denial, but it's as good a reminder as anything that nothing about these movies is official until Disney says so. [CNBC]

Thor: The Dark World

Loki actor Tom Hiddleston offers some high praise for onetime Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston, who plays main villain Malekith the Accursed in the film:

“Christopher Eccleston is one of Britain's greatest actors, he brings a degree of commitment, intelligence, conviction and complexity to everything he does. I think he really got his teeth into this thing [playing Malekith]. It's hard to say anything without giving away too much. Christopher has enormous presence, which is very distinguishable on stage as well as film. It's one of those things you can't really define, you just can't stop watching him when he's on screen. I think he'll be absolutely magnetic [in the movie]. Malekith has his own ambition. Whether or not Loki can coincide with or contradict, subvert or enhance that ambition remains to be seen.”

You can check out the complete video interview with Hiddleston below.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Director Marc Webb tweeted another photo from the set, and this one seems to indicate Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy will indeed still be working at Oscorp. Check it out here.

The Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo put out a press release revealing some details about upcoming filming, which will apparently take place more or less exclusively in the state. Here are some key details:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” will be the largest movie production to be filmed in New York and is expected to result in 3,500 jobs and the casting of 11,000 extras. The production will have the biggest stage footprint ever seen in New York with massive sets being constructed at three facilities in Long Island and Brooklyn. Scenes will be shot both upstate and downstate... “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” production expects to require 3,500 new hires, one-third of whom will be from Long Island, and 11,000 extras, one-fourth to one-third of whom will be from Long Island. Upstate, the production expects to hire approximately 250 crew members and a few hundred extras... The production is so large that it will use space at two separate stage facilities on Long Island, Grumman Studios and Gold Coast Studios, as well as the Marcy Armory in Brooklyn. The production expects to shoot for 150 days, including 50 days in Bethpage and 10 to 15 days in Rochester. This Friday, the production will be scouting locations in Rochester for scenes, one of which will be a car chase.


That last bit about the Rochester-filmed car chase is probably the most important tidbit. One might assume that Rochester is going to stand in for New York City — since it's presumably hard these days to film a car chase in Manhattan — but I admit I'm not nearly enough an expert on Rochester geography to say whether that's really feasible. Anyway, the full announcement is at the link. [Governor Andrew Cuomo]

Sagittarius A

Because it's been a good ten minutes since they've sold a project or taken over a long-running franchise, Star Trek and Transformers writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have reportedly sold a pitch for a film entitled Sagittarius A to Universal. While the project has been reportedly elsewhere as just Sagittarius, the longer name suggests a connection to the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. The only confirmed information is that it's a scifi thriller and the screenplay will be written by Steven Karczynski, whose previous script The Umbra earned a place on the Black List of Hollywood's best unproduced screenplays. [Deadline]



Legendary Pictures have reportedly bought the film rights to Marcus Sakey's upcoming novel Brilliance, and Oz the Great and Powerful's Joe Roth and Palak Patel are reportedly on board to produce. Here's the description for the "X-Men" like novel, courtesy of Deadline:

The author, who wrote The Blade Itself and Good People, here focuses on an alternate present-day scenario where 1% of children are born savants with special powers. Called “brilliants,” they are capable of exceptional things. A federal agent, who uses his skills to become a master hunter of terrorists, pursues a savant terrorist who intends to provoke civil war.



Rays of Light

The Closer star Kyra Sedgwick will reportedly star in this indie film from Terrance Malick's first assistant director Batan Silva. Sedgwick will reportedly play the matriarch of "a dysfunctional family as they attempt to survive in their estate house after the sun dies." [Variety]


Monsters University

The great Steve Buscemi discusses reprising the role of Randall in the Monsters, Inc. prequel:

It was really fun and kind of surreal, but really different because it’s a prequel so I’m doing a much younger version of Randall and he’s in college and he’s kind of a nerd, so it’s a nice twist.

Is he a principal character in the prequel or is he more of a side character?

Kind of about the same I think [from] the last film, he kind of comes in and out.



Doctor Who

New companion Jenna-Louise Coleman has confirmed that she will be back — presumably as the 21st century version of Clara, but let's never assume anything with Steven Moffat, especially now that he's written her character's repeated deaths into the story — for season eight:

"Er, I think I can say that. Marcus? Yeah, I think I can say that I will be in season eight"


The Marcus mentioned in the quote is producer Marcus Wilson, who confirmed, "Yes — we'd love to keep Jenna as long as we can." [Den of Geek]

Meanwhile, with the 50th anniversary special due to start filming soon, it's looking like either the classic series Doctors aren't going to appear or they're putting up one hell of a smokescreen. Here's Fifth Doctor Peter Davison:

“I don’t think it will involve the older Doctors, certainly in their present form, because of course we’re meant to look exactly as we did when we left the TARDIS and none of us really do... Some of us are not here anymore and others of us have weathered less well than others. I don’t know where I’d put myself in that category. I’m not going to make that decision... I’ve got a meeting with the head of BBC Wales when I get back to go through various things the BBC have got planned. I don’t think she’s going to offer me a part in it… I might be wrong.”


[Radio Times]

And here's Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy on what he's heard from the production team:

"No. Nothing. Niet. Zilch. The other day I was with Tom Baker, Peter [Davison], and Colin [Baker] – the 20th century Who-ers, and Tom asked 'Well, little man, have you heard anything?' and I told him 'No, I haven’t heard anything.' So none of us have heard anything."



Game of Thrones

Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss discuss the third season role of the show's most important characters, Danaerys's dragons:

Benioff: This is an interesting time for the dragons. When they were born they were adorable. Last season, as you say, they were still kind of cute. But now they’re turning into proper flying dragons. One of the interesting things about the books, and hopefully the show, is that the weapons of mass destruction in this world are living, breathing things. And as they get older that presents problems.

Weiss: They’re still cute to Daenerys. They’re her babies. But her babies can burn down a house in a few minutes and they’re getting increasingly terrifying to everyone around her. At some point she will have to reckon with the fact her babies are all grown up.


Weiss also explains why the direwolves won't get any bigger this season:

We did some testing and at a certain point they look unreal. We reached a nice balance with them. And frankly, no matter how much money you spend on CG wolves — and we’ve seen the best that’s out there, state of the art, and some of it looks great — it still doesn’t look, move, and feel like a real animal... With a wolf, you have a million years of evolution telling you what they’re supposed to act like.



The Walking Dead

Here's a pair of sneak peeks for this Sunday's episode, "Prey."

And here's a trio of short synopses for the final episodes of the season:

Episode 3.14 - Prey

The Governor chases a fleeing dissenter; while the Governor is gone, a traitor tries to sabotage his plans.

Episode 3.15 - This Sorrowful Life

Rick and the others learn that if they want a truce with the Governor, they must make a sacrifice.

Episode 3.16 - Welcome to the Tombs

Rick and the others consider the defense of the prison as the Governor's impending attack looms.


True Blood

The show is reportedly looping back to the first episode of the currently filming sixth season to add a new scene featuring a new guest character: "Ms. Suzuki, a Japanese-American in her 40s who is a shrewd businesswoman and makes a deal with Governor Burrell." [SpoilerTV]



Creator Eric Kripke promises there will be plenty of explanations in the second half of the season, starting with the show's March 25 return:

"That's pretty much my m.o.," Kripke says. "Start answering questions and then ask more and then answer those. That's what viewers can expect in the second half of the season. I really favor an aggressive red-blooded pace for storytelling. In episode 13 [airing April 8] Rachel reveals pretty much every single thing there is to know about why the blackout happened. Every time I watch that scene it's like — wow, we're just saying it. It goes against many of your baked-in showrunner instincts, not to have a single scene that reveals everything in three minutes... For me the story was never about what caused the blackout. For me the show isn't based on one particular mystery. It's based on these characters and this world and this transformed landscape they have these adventures in... I'm literally turning in the season finale [script] later today. I think we answer most if not all of the questions."


Elizabeth Mitchell also discusses what's ahead for her character Rachel:

"I have a scene in the moonlight next to water with Miles that's probably one of my favorite scenes, as much for the silences as for the words. It was simple and lovely and exactly the kind of thing I like to play and to watch. We can spoil that part and say it hints at a deeper more fraught and complicated history between Rachel and Miles. It's mostly done in looks and so much is conveyed with very little dialogue. It's lucky that we get to explore [their relationship]. It's deeper and richer than I first thought. There's a theory that people come together because of shared pain. I think that Rachel and Miles at their heart — their sorrows are very much the same... The things that happen in the first episode back... My character's stakes — I'm sure they could get higher but I can't imagine how. What she wants to accomplish, what her goal is, protecting her family. It's amazing she doesn't just burn out."


There's more at the link. [Zap2It]


Here's a spoiler-y tidbit for what's ahead (or perhaps what's not ahead) for Monroe and Rosalee, courtesy of TV Line:

...Because of the bigger stories going on (like Adalind’s Wesen bun in the oven and the Juliette-Renard-Nick triangle), the Spice Shop proprietress and her suitor will be backburnered for a while. “I think that Monroe and Rosalee are more in the service of a bigger story right now,” notes Silas Weir Mitchell.


[TV Line]

Once Upon a Time

Here's a trio of sneak peeks for the next episode, "Welcome to Storybrooke."


Here's only appeared in one episode so far, but get used to erstwhile Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes as Roy Harper — he's reportedly been promoted to series regular status for season two. He's the second recurring player to get promoted, following Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak. [Zap2It]



Smallville and V actress Laura Vandervoort will reportedly star in this upcoming Canadian series about a female werewolf named Elena Michaels. The character is described as "having grown up as part of a werewolf pack, [she] lives in Toronto as a photographer and finds her world beginning to crumble as she is caught between two worlds and two loves." [The Hollywood Reporter]


Top image from Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders.



All right, real talk. Where do I need to start with Doctor Who? I've never watched it, except for one or two episodes that just made me go "Wha...", but a lot of my friends and people who's opinions I respect really like it.