Why Pizza Is Objectively the Best Food Ever, Don't Judge Me

Pizza is the best food ever invented. It’s cheap, it’s greasy, you can put whatever you want on it, and it satisfies that craving to destroy your body. It’s so good in fact, that it’s the only thing I haven’t gotten sick of in my 26 years of eating food.


But why is it so good? I’m glad you asked, random internet reader. AsapTHOUGHT teamed up with Domestic Geek to explain. Basically it comes down to the ingredients: sugar, salt, and fat, which pizza has in abundance.

There’s a lot of sugar in the dough, for example, and our bodies crave sugar, since we can turn it into fat. However, back in the day, our ancestors didn’t have a lot of access to sugar, so we as eaters in the 21st century are blessed with the ingredient.


Check out the video above for more food for thought on the greatest food ever invented. No hyperbole.


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It definitely is the best food ever. One big reason for this is you can have it so many different ways. You can get pepperoni, sausage, veggies, bacon (!), many types of cheeses, red sauce, white sauce, barbecue sauce, Alfredo, pesto, garlic and oil, you name it. Get bored? Switch it up. You can also get many different styles: New York, Chicago (thick or thin), California, flatbread, crispy thin, cornmeal crust, brick oven, magherita, ... the list goes on. Each of these styles has a place in my heart.

I’m lucky enough to live in a town with every one of these styles available, and from well-rated restaurants. We even just got a Chicago style joint that also serves Indian style pizza: butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, tandoori, etc. They do it really well too. I was skeptical at first, but their pizza is delicious.