It took me far too long to realize it, but Why?'s 2008 album Alopecia is a lyrical, sonic masterpiece. I really only started loving the band this past year, but I've been on a major Why? kick this month. It's this that led me to stumble upon the entrancing gem of a video by YouTube user Chad Kofahl above.

Set to Alopecia's first track, "The Vowels Pt. 2," the video is a typographic interpretation of Yoni Wolf's (imminently clever) lyrics, and it's positively mesmerizing. The song itself is enough to lull you into a beat-heavy trance. Now add in a swirling camera and steady stream of words being spit at you like bullets, and you're done for.


Sure, the font's a little cheesy, and you might find yourself aching for something a little more refined a few minutes in—but it's still hard to look away. Now if only Kofahl would make one for every song on the album. [YouTube]