Oh wires. Technologizer loves you, but we thought we'd tell you why we love you too.

Their reasoning: The Eye-Fi wireless transfer card only works sometimes, wireless headsets are worse than wired ones, USB power is much better than battery power and Wi-Fi access points aren't very stable.


Although we don't agree with all of them (convenience trumps quality in a few occasions, like running on batteries instead of being tethered all the time), we agree with the idea.

In our case, we run wired Ethernet whenever possible—not only is the latency better, but transferring and streaming over Gigabit Ethernet is a crapload faster and more stable than doing it over even 802.11n. As for wireless power, the new thing that's getting popular with WildCharge and the Palm Pre's Touchstone, that's a case of convenience trumping practicality. When something's charging, it's not going anywhere, so it might as well be plugged in (with wires). And wireless charging is less efficient than wired charging, so your electric bill will be higher.

There are other cases like preferring a wired phone for a landline instead of a cordless one, but the gist of it is that we like to go wired whenever possible. With wireless not quite there in the convenience vs. performance battle, there are still a lot of cases where wires win. [Technologizer]

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