Wi-Fi Crusaders: $5 Routers for All

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FON is a Spanish start-up company with global Wi-Fi in its sights. They have acquired 1 million wireless Cisco-Linksys and Buffalo routers and will subsidize them for $5 each. They are doing this to turn home Wi-Fi networks into hotspots for everyone to enjoy. Big name Internet superstars such as Google and Skype have backed this project.

To participate in the program you have to agree to share your Wi-Fi network for 12 months and if you agree to participate in the program then you are allowed to roam all other FON hotspots free of charge. For those not participating you can still access the FON networks for $3 per day. Could cause some legal headaches? Yeah, most likely, but it is still a neat idea, nonetheless.

Information Page [Via ZDNet]