WidgetStation Update: Info, When and Where You Want It

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This little palm-sized WidgetStation that we reported on two months ago is for real, and was demonstrated at CES. It shows the widget of your choice on its dual screens, and accesses its info via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or a USB connection to your PC or Mac. The left screen features pure data on its monochrome LCD (think time, temperature, any numbers available on the Internet), while the right brings you the prettier widgets (think Gizmodo stories) in full color. Check out a video of the unit in action, plus more info:

This neat display reminds us of Chumby, the little device that displays the widgets of your choice, continuously updated. We like widgets (WTF is a widget, anyway?) in any form, and would like to have a whole wall full of them. But as a desktop trinket, the Widget Station will do just fine.


No one is saying when it might be available or at what cost, but we're ready now. We're chasing after the company, trying to get one in here to test. Stay tuned.


Here's a video (in Spanish), but even if you don't speak the lingo you can still see how it works:

Product Page [Emtrace Technologies]