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Wii: Hold On Tight! 2 - Worldwide Debut


Remember the Nintendo Wii video we posted a few months back? We were impressed by its clever, Pixarish animation and funny, minimal writing. Lucky for us, the animation studio Super78 kept us in mind for their sequel, which is in its worldwide Internet debut (cough, YouTube embedded, cough) right here.

Now for a little background from the Creative Director, Brent Young:

I must admit at one point when we were outpacing most of the Superbowl spots [online] we had this fantasy that someone was going to call from Nintendo or some where and make us an offer but that never happened. Really we did this sequel because we had so much fun watching how so many people watched it and responded positively to it...[the sequel] furthers the story where we left off...we wanted to develop the characters that we established in the first spot.


This is what happens when Nintendo beefs up their Wiimote straps. You just can't break expensive displays like you used to.

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Well krasnoderevshik,

Much like Nintendo the guys at Super78 have taken something old and turned it into something "New".


Find the Sword & shield, don't lose all your hearts save the girl. This time you can turn into a wolf.

Out fox your foes in air & space combat. Now this time you can land the ship and fight with your gun.

Swing the wiimote and hit the tv. Now the tv is to their back. (No one would see that coming)

All in all the video is good and it did take skills to make.