Wii Most Popular Gaming Console of All Time?

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When the Nintendo Wii goes on sale in the US on November 19, it's certain to be popular. But some are even more enthusiastic about its chances for success, including Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Tokyo-based video-game researcher Enterbrain Inc. and Editor-in-Chief of Famitsu, a highly-regarded and influential gaming mag in Japan. He gushed about the upcoming $250 console in an interview with Bloomberg.com:

"Wii definitely could become the most popular console of all time. Non-gamers can see how fun it is just by looking at people playing it, and that's very different from the PS3 or Xbox 360.''


Sure, the Wii is going to be a good value for the money, but is Hamamura overstating it a bit? Comments?

Nintendo Says Women, Elderly Key to Wii Game Player [Bloomberg, via Kotaku]

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