Will Marvel's Avengers Continuity Be Its Undoing?

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While Marvel's Avengers-related movies share a continuity similar to their source comics, is that tangled storyline going to end up being too complex for mainstream movie audiences?

As Latino Review are already finding, questions are arising as to when next year's Thor movie takes place... An unexpected question that comes up because Iron Man 2 apparently takes place before Incredible Hulk — a movie that came out two years ago, just after the original Iron Man (The Thor answer, by the way, is apparently that it happens after Iron Man 2 and Incredible Hulk).


While comic fans are already able to happily juggle multiple timelines and continuities to keep their stories straight, will non-nerd audiences be as ready to not be confused by wondering where each movie falls in the Avengers timeline? Marvel had better hope so - or, else, minimize the crossover between each movie to ensure that neophytes don't walk away wondering what the hell was going on.