Will Microsoft's Hololens Also Get Some Imitators?

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Microsoft has decreed that its Hololens AR faceputer is “the future of computing.” So you’d think PC makers would be rushing to create something similar. But many tech companies focused on VR, Microsoft’s been alone in its AR pursuits—until now. Rumors suggest Taiwanese company Asus may make a version of Microsoft’s PC future.

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According to CNET, Asus is in talks with Microsoft to begin working on its own version of Hololens. Even though Microsoft has yet to release its $3000 headset (though its coming for developers in early 2016), Asus CEO Jonney Shih confirmed that they’re considering the idea.


If $3000 sounds like a lot for an experimental technology, then that’s precisely where Asus could offer a lot of help. Asus has primarily been known for making affordable PCs. As Microsoft makes the spec’d out Surface Pro version of Hololens, Asus could be the company to make the head wearable many people can actually afford—at least when it comes to a risky first-generation device.

Of course, this could all just be the beginning of a growing interest in the platform where we could have many choices in what thing we strap to our face—just like PCs as Microsoft predicted.


The future, man. It’s weird. [CNET]

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