Will Stephen Elop Be Microsoft's Next CEO?

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Stephen Elop is no longer CEO of Nokia, and is instead heading up Microsoft's newly acquired mobile wing. But will he soon be elevated to position of Microsoft CEO?


Late last month it was announced that Steve Ballmer would be stepping down as Microsoft CEO. Now, Ballmer has stated that Elop is on the internal shortlist of candidates to take over his role. What do you think? Will Elop jump from leading Nokia to running the show at Microsoft? Let's talk this one through.



Yes, it is inherently obvious that it was a planned move. But eventually, having Elop as CEO will be a huge failure. He doesn't have the charisma of a leader (even Ballmer had the appeal of the clumsy Neaderthal) and his business decisions are all "results" and nothing else. Plus, I don't know how well he could handle a huge *SOFTWARE* company that also sells some devices (but never had them as its main source of revenue) into the Apple model of having their own hardware and software and whatnot.
On the other side, who knows.