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Will the iPad 3 Have an AMOLED Display?

Illustration for article titled Will the iPad 3 Have an AMOLED Display?

Some reporters from The Korea Herald claim Apple may ditch its IPS LCD display, snub its nose at a new high-resolution Retina display for tablets and adopt AMOLED for its next generation tablet.


Tim Cook is rumored to be talking with Samsung about slapping an AMOLED in the iPad 3. Cook supposedly made a personal visit and left behind a sizable advance to secure an ample supply of these displays. The biggest problem with this theory is that AMOLEDs are in short supply. Yes, Samsung uses AMOLEDs in their line Galaxy S handsets, but, duh, they make them. With the way iPads are flying off the shelves, would Apple really gamble that Samsung could meet this staggering demand? [Korea Herald via Apple Insider]

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Apple is suing Samsung with one hand while using the other to ask for AMOLED panels.