Samsung's 2560x1600 Screen Is the First Retina Display for Tablets

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The debate about when a "retina display" for tablets will exist is over: Samsung's new 10.1-inch, 2560x1600 display is it. With a crazy pixel density of 300dpi, it rivals what Apple considers a retina display for a phone. But it's for tablets.


The ultra-high resolution display uses PenTile RGBW technology, which made headlines with the Nexus One. Many blamed the PenTile display for the blurry text and occasional color banding that plagued the Android handset, but hopefully the serious pixel density of Samsung's new display will override those problems.


Presumably, Samsung will drop this mega-resolution display in its Galaxy Tab line, but maybe it could be scooped up by Apple for a future iPad. (If nothing else, its existence means other companies should be able to produce a similar panel in the not-too-distant future.) Samsung's saying it'll be ready "for tablet applications later this year." Our eyeballs can't wait. [Samsung]

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Hmmm, maybe the PenTile checkerboard effect won't be observable if the pixels are that small...