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Will We Ever Have a "Star Wars Moment" in Pop Culture Again?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A "Star Wars Moment" is when a piece of pop culture manages to change storytelling all around the world, for at least a generation. Have we become too jaded to have a moment like this again? What do you think is a possible candidate for the next Star Wars Moment? Tell us!

My opinion is that we can still have Star Wars Moments in the future, but I'm not sure whether there are any stories out there now that will set it off. Twilight may be popular, but it still doesn't appeal to a large segment of the population. Avatar became famous around the world, but it hasn't ever developed the fan loyalty that Star Wars did. Guardians of the Galaxy made me feel like a little kid watching Star Wars again, but it's too tied into the greater Marvel franchise to become its own thing.


If there's any story that's having a Star Wars Moment right now, I'd say it might be Doctor Who. That sounds weird to say about a fifty-year-old show that has arguably already transformed a generation. But it has finally transcended its UK origins, becoming popular beyond the Commonwealth. And a new generation of kids in non-British nations are growing up with the Doctor instead of Han Solo. They'd rather travel through time in a police box than hear about Jabba the Hutt.

So that's my vote. What's yours? Include pictures, links, video — and, of course, your reasons.