Will You Call Out Sick To Watch the New Arrested Development Season? (Update: You Will!)

Well we're just pleased as pudding that all of the new Arrested Development season will be available on the same day on Netlix—just as with other Netflix-produced series. Will you watch it all at once or will you hold off and savor it?


In the office, we're already arguing about who gets to take the day off to plow through Arrested Development season 4. Unfortunately, somebody has to show up and write Gizmodo. But maybe there are some fans out there who will watch the episodes slowly—you know, to make the magic last. What will you do? We'll update later based on your votes.

Update: 5:30pm
The votes are in and it turns out that either you guys really really hate working or you're just as excited as we are for the new season of Arrested Development. Out of the nearly 4000 votes, 2600—almost exactly 66%—said you would call out just to plow through the new season as quickly as possible.


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