Will You Leave Your Passwords for Your Loved Ones When You Die?

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I have pretty secure passwords, as much to keep would-be miscreants at bay as to keep my friends and family from finding out just how horrible a life I'm living. But according to a study, a full 11 percent of Brits plan to leave their passwords in their will.

There's some sense to that, actually: For online communities where you might not use your real name, it might be nice to have someone drop in and notify your acquaintances of what's happened. And there's also the more traditionally Last Will and Testamenty topic of property. With more and more of our stuff stored in the cloud or on specific services, leaving behind, say, access to your iTunes account actually makes some sense. And even moreso for your computer and hard drives, which probably have a bunch of local media like movies, music, and pictures that you'll want to pass on.

Of course, that doesn't address what you do about all the scandalous emails, mountains of porn folders, and certain private pictures and videos you'd rather not see the light of day. So how 'bout it, guys—are you planning on leaving your passwords to your friends and family? [The Register]


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I have already made arrangements with my trusted partner in crime and long time BFF to leave final word of my passing at my favored haunts around the web.

(When you guys see that notice some day, you should hit on her, she is totally gorgeous AND she will have all my passwords.)