The Willow Finale Has an End Credits Reveal Hinting at the Series' Future

The Lucasfilm Disney+ show just finished its first season, and there's a relatively non-spoilery tease at the end.

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willow proud.
The Willow finale is here.
Image: Lucasfilm

Normally end credits scenes contain the biggest spoilers in the movie. However, with the Lucasfilm show Willow, that’s not exactly the case. The show’s season one finale is now on Disney+ and after all the spoiler-filled story stuff happens, there’s a final little wink at the end that teases where this story could go next— and more importantly, for how long.

This isn’t a huge spoiler about the story itself (you can read those in our full recap here) but just a moment audiences may have missed. Nevertheless, proceed with caution.

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At the end of episode eight, “Children of the Wyrm,” Willow transitions into its trademark end-credits rock song (in this case “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits, aka the “I Want My MTV” song). That’s accompanied again by all the drawings by Mondo artist Ken Taylor (including a few new characters we won’t mention) and then, it happens.

Each episode of the series has begun with a book opening to a new chapter. Each chapter reveals the title of that particular episode. Well, this time, after the illustrations, we flip to the title page, which slowly fills up with all of the characters in a poster-worthy drawing we truly hope gets released. Things keep pulling back until the book closes, and then a mysterious hand puts it on the shelf. And there’s the reveal.

Three volumes!
Three volumes!
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

The book that’s just gone on the shelf is “Volume 1.” Next to it are “Volume 2" and “Volume 3.” That sure makes it seem like Jon Kasdan and the team behind Willow want to makes two more seasons of the show. And, after what happens in the season one finale, you can begin to see where that might go.


We discuss that more specifically in the recap here and in our interview with Kasdan later this week. Do you want two more seasons of Willow? Let us know below.

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