Windows 7 Burger Hacked and Unlocked

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The Windows 7 burger is region-locked to Japan. Fortunately one amazing hacker found a way to reverse engineer the sandwich for region-free consumption. You're looking at the results: the world's first unlocked cheeseburger.


This hacker also accomplished what may be the world's first burger jailbreak. There's a ton of functionality added in like cheese and extra sauces, the kind of stuff the stock build can't touch.

Instructions on how to hack and unlock your own Windows 7 burger are provided at the link. Please head over and give this a digg. Work this great more than deserves it. [Eating the Road, thanks Samuel!]


Damn, I got a craving to head over to BK and get me a sack of their doubles. They're surprisingly tasty for $1 double cheeseburgers.

Still wish I had a White Castle nearby. The Frozen white castles can be hit or miss depending on how long they've been in transit to your grocer's freezer. #windows7burger