Windows 7 Engineering Squad Has 1000 Developers Spread Over 25 Teams

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Steven Sinofsky, Senior VP in charge of Windows 7 development, has just posted some details on the Microsoft's Windows 7 Engineering blog on what the internal structure looks like for the upcoming OS. It sounds (at least to us) equal parts logistical nightmare and brute force "1000 monkeys at 1000 typewriters", with 25 teams divided up to an average of 40 developers per team. The organization is divided up into 25 teams, which encompases stuff like Applets and Gadgets, the File System, Core User Experience, Find and Organize, IE, Kernel & VM, Media Center, and Security. Of course many features span various parts of the OS, and it's up to the management to coordinate between the numerous groups. What would we want to see more of? Better and smarter integration between various apps on Windows, for example having their Mail application be tied into Calendars for meeting schedules and Contacts, or making Gadgets able to access various parts of the OS. These are just two examples we came up with in as many seconds, but you get the idea. More integration. [Windows 7 blog]

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Oh, and PS. How did they calculate Windows 7?

3 = 3.1

4 = 95

5 = 98

6 = ME

7 = NT

8 = 2000

9 = XP

10 = Vista

11 ?= 7

Ok, so maybe they want us to forget about ME. And maybe 98. And they could argue that NT was the Server codestream.

But that still leaves... 8. Or are they trying to forget Vista, too?