Illustration for article titled Windows 7 Release Candidate to Be Released April 10th?

Neowin is reporting a date of April 10th for the release of Windows 7 RC, the next important version of the OS. Microsoft confirmed that beta users won't receive the RC before the general public.


Not all that much is known about the next release: it was rumored to be in April, but it's unclear how Neowin came by this particular date. Steven Sinofsky, Senior Vice President of Windows, noted that there will be a broad release, meaning us guinea pigs won't get any bonuses for putting in beta time with 7. Sinofsky also mentioned that Microsoft has received more than 500,000 suggestions from the "send feedback" link alone, and that they're working on user concerns in preparation for the release date of the RC. [Neowin via Ars Technica]

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