Windows Mobile 6.6 Rumored To Launch Next Month, Don't Pin All Your Hopes And Dreams On It Though

Windows Mobile 7 may not be coming anytime this year, but HALLELUJAH WinMo 6.6 will be debuting next month according to Digitimes. Don't hold your breath on it being your phone's savior, folks. [Digitimes]


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I think this is all good news. First, I think it means that their recent progress on the 6.5 version is showing that they can rely on existing versions and the increased processor power of the snapdragon to deliver the experience people like. While maintaining reasonable expectations in the face of success of the iPhone and Android devices.


And second, I really hope this is tech companies covering their ears to the nonsense spewing blog posters and 'analysts' saying that company A or B is "too late" in bringing a mobile OS product to market. I have yet to hear one argument that would show how a new OS would become obsolete before it arrives in the face of another OS's continued success. In the end, WinMo7 may be really bad and a disappointment. But that has nothing to do with it's release date. That kind of thinking is what drives the Beta Culture and products arriving before their really ready.