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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Windows Phone Finally Has a Web Marketplace

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's already a big day for Windows Phone with Mango due out today. And now the web version of its app marketplace is live, giving the platform a way to browse and find apps outside of the Zune client.

The marketplace appears to be populated with Mango apps, since a number of them bounce non-7.5 users to a "requires a newer software version" message when you try to get an app. For the compatible apps, you'll be emailed a link on your Live account that directs you to that app in the mobile marketplace.


Not all of the features are live just yet, and some of the functionality seems to be trimmed down for non-Mango phones. For now, the account page lets you view the apps you have or have had on your phone. There's a Reinstall button, but clicking on it brings up an error page—at least for pre-Mango phones.

I'm a Windows Phone and Mac user, so even without all of the features working exactly as they're supposed to be, it's really awesome (and about time) that there's an app browsing and finding solution aside from the Zune client. Now we're just waiting on Mango. [Windows Phone via Ubergizmo]