Windows Three Dot One Dot Com

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Feel like revisiting Windows 3.1, but can't be bothered firing up a time machine, hot tub or otherwise? This web-based OS emulation (simulation?) should do the trick, by which I mean give you crippling flashbacks. [MichaelV via Crunchgear]



Oh man, Windows before it got effed up by the advent of the system registry...

I remember the first games that *actually required* Windows in order to run - what a novelty they were. I remember thinking, "games run like shit under Windows - what's the point?"

You kids born in the 90's have NO idea how well games ran in DOS. They. Just. Worked. The move to Windows-gaming was 5 permanent steps back and the OS never caught up.

If UNIX-tards had just put a little more effort into gaming, say, around 1992-93, a solid linux distro existed and dumbasses admitted to themselves that early Windows game SUCKED compared to DOS-mode with EMM386, HIMEM (and all that other bullshit), then things would have been way different today...

MS would have not maintained it's decade-long stranglehold over OSes and browsers, games would be more advanced, cheaper to develop, cross-platform and, because of the conditions I just mentioned, would have already evolved past cookie-cutter, FPS's, RTS's, MMORPG's and WTFELSES.

OMG, I sound like a geezer. Depressing. Time to shoot some zombies.