Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to Support "Emerging Standards"

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While Windows Vista Service Pack 2 has no public launch date at this time, Microsoft will distribute the SP2 beta to a small group of Technology Adoption Program members starting next week. So while that news means most of us will be left out in the cold, Microsoft has detailed many of the new features to expect in SP2—mostly to support "emerging standards."Vista SP2 will provide users with improved support for various media, allowing users to burn Blu-ray natively and take full advantage of Bluetooth 2.1. Searching should become more robust with Windows Search 4.0, while Windows Connect Now hopes to remedy sometimes laborious Wi-Fi setups. And in a turn to the extremely techie, the update enables the"exFAT file system to support UTC timestamps," which is supposed to correct file synchronization issues across time zones. So far it all sounds like a few minor but useful tweaks. And we'd agree with Microsoft that no one should wait for SP2 if they want to take Vista for a test drive. [Windows Vista Blog]


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I love visiting these threads just to see all the MS haters go off. Vista is totally fixed, runs great, looks great, etc. No it's not perfect, but it's clear a lot of people still like to sling mud at MS just for the fun of it. Get over it. I've got Vista on both my home and work computer and am loving it. If you've got a dual or quad core with 3 GB or more of ram, you are missing out if you don't go with Vista.