Windows XP Lives for Four More Months

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While Microsoft had planned to stop selling Windows XP licenses by January 31st, the company has extended that deadline to May 30th.

You could blame the general mediocrity of Vista for the extension, but bigger still is probably the rise and popularity of netbooks and other PCs packing slower, lower wattage processors. While XP can be loaded onto these systems through a (necessary) loophole whether or not Microsoft extends licenses, the platform is certainly keeping XP in the front and center of public consciousness.


It'll be interesting to see if Microsoft just continues extending XP licensing until Windows 7 comes out. I'd bet that they will. [BBC]

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A Snake a Snake... OH it's a Snake!

I'm wondering why they came out with Vista in the first place. I personally haven't had any real problems with it but everyone seems to hate it. If they had always planned to bring out Windows 7 so soon afterwards, what was the point? It just turned out to be bad publicity in the end.