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Forget those DIY Beer Brewing kits, you never use them anyway—and when you do your beer tastes like crap. Just go to the corner bodega and get yourself a six pack. It'll take less time, your tastebuds will be happier and so will those of your friends. Besides, if you really wanted to impress, you'd be making your own wine.


Provina's WinePod is a two-foot tall insulated metal egg with a two-ton metal press and automatic temperature control that sits in your apartment and ferments your wine; your wait can take from a few months to a year or more, depending on what sort of wine you decided to make. Like almost everything else made these days, the WinePod connects to your computer wirelessly to make daily suggestions on its own settings, or tell you when your wine is finally ready to drink. Provina can provide you with grapes from their own vineyard, but you're of course free to use your own. Couldn't find a price for this baby but you can bet it's very expensive.

Update: Reader Doug wrote in with a price guesstimate:

"If you drink one glass of wine with dinner each night, it can pay for itself in 2-3 years."

Bottle of wine: $15, 750ML
One Serving of Wine, 240ML, so 3 servings per bottle, so $5 per night.
Doing the math: $5 * 365 *2 to 3 = $3650 to $5875?

My bet is on the $5k range.

Update: Ben from Thrillist tells us the WinePod goes for $2k. Still pricey but at least it's not insanely so.


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