Wing Man Baby Seat: Carbon Fiber Gets Knocked Up

Illustration for article titled Wing Man Baby Seat: Carbon Fiber Gets Knocked Up

For anyone with a child, that bond you feel with your offspring is the most powerful in nature. And your protective instincts demand the absolute best in child safety, like this $4,000 Wing Man baby seat prototype. It's constructed of strong, lightweight carbon fiber—the same material used in performance cars and airplanes across the world—that should keep your little bundle of joy stylish and nearly invincible. But just so your know, dear parent, all of us without a child think that you're freaking nuts for reading this many words on a $4,000 baby seat. [carbonfibergear via Jalopnik]


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The best baby seats (for infants under 30#) are the kind that the carrier part snaps in and out of the base unit which remains attached in the car. The kid is asleep and would have to be taken out of car seat and moved to carrier anyway so its a lot less hassle. And yes, no matter what kind it is, the kid will just yack up formula all over it (and everything else) anyway.