Wiper Blade Lightsabers Protect Your Car's Windows From Raindrop Attacks

You can roll your eyes all you want at yet another ridiculous example of Star Wars merchandising, but secretly you’re probably going to place an order for these simple wiper blade upgrades because you know you can’t resist having a lightsaber wooshing back and forth across your car’s rear window.

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WiperTags are available in countless designs letting you show your support for everything from sports teams to animals to your favorite hobbies. But it’s the company’s lightsaber designs that are sure to be a huge seller this season, given the impending arrival of The Force Awakens.


Available in multiple sizes and ranging in price from around $15 to $20, the WiperTags easily clip onto the existing wiper blade on the rear window of your vehicle and make it look as if an invisible Jedi is keeping raindrops at bay. It’s probably completely illegal in every state across the country, but imagine having a pair of these attached to the wiper blades on your car’s windshield, fighting a perpetual duel whenever it started raining outside. [WiperTags via Fancy]

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Can I get these for my TIE fighter for the next time the emperor has a tissy and force storms by windscreen?

Seriously dude, do you have any idea how many droids there are, it was at the end of a long shift, AND no one said anything about it being a freshly oiled and shiny one with a lecherous old man.