WiRanger Extends USB Over Wi-Fi

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Icron's WiRanger USB hub looks like a normal USB hub except for the wireless antenna that connects it to the USB receiver which hooks into your PC. So we suppose it doesn't really look like a normal USB hub after all. Unlike other wireless USB solutions, the WiRanger uses 802.11g, but in all other respects it behaves just a normal hub. That means all your standard USB gadgets will work just like in a standard hub.

What's the point? Mostly to hook up a USB printer or some various low-bandwidth devices at a distance. But hooking up a USB hard disk over its 802.11g may not deliver the kind of performance anyone would like.

Product page [Icron via Everything USB]

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This wouldn't be great for a printer, as they are not low bandwidth. It would be great for things like memory card readers or the many devices you just need to use every once in a while from other computers nearby. Most of us have a USB hub since we have several things that don't get used all the time, so this would be good for that. Anything to do with large files you're still better off with a standard network router.