Wise Oracle Quittner's iPhone Apocalypse

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Tough editor Josh Quittner, Captain of Business 2.0, tells us a fable of the iPhone launch. It's a little grim...and very biblical. But I agree with how most of it goes down.

And on the 29th day of the sixth month, when the sun was at its lowest point in the sky, the Phones appeared, one after another, each in its tasteful white box without any adornment whatsoever. And the People rejoiced, for they had been waiting a long time and could wait no longer.


OK, all of it. Sure, being getting down on the launch of a cool phone is akin to being sad that we'll all die one day, but the piece is a sobering look at the product lifecycle, and gives some fresh perspective on how this whole thing is going to go down and JUST HOW POINTLESS MY WHOLE LIFE IS.

The Opinion Changers had received no review product in advance and thus despaired and called the Phone a hype and said that the battery would never last and asked what all the fuss was about anyway. But they all wanted one, and only Mossberg of the Journal got one, and pronounced it "pretty good," which for him was a rave. And the other Opinion Changers were cast out of the Temple.

Something tells me that Josh doesn't have an iPhone yet, unlike Mossy and a few of the gadget a-listers. It would be a shame if reviews and coverage was tainted by preferential access like suggests in his story. It's something all reporters have to be mindful of, as they request units from apple for a unit before Friday. (No begging, now! It's not becoming of an editor.)

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