With the Help of Legos, This Video Explores a Series of Silly Star Wars What-Ifs

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Go Anakin!
Go Anakin!
Image: Disney

What if Anakin forgot to eat breakfast the day of the podrace? What if he became Darth Vader way, way earlier? A delightful new video explores the silliest Star Wars what-ifs, from the mouth of babes and the art of Lego.

The video, courtesy of Star Wars Kids, is narrated by a series of kids who imagine wacky scenarios for the Star Wars saga, which are then acted out through Lego animation. A series of “wouldn’t it be awesome if?” and “okay, this would be hilarious” scenarios commemorate two decades of Star Wars Legos. And, yeah, sure, it’s an advertisement, but ads are rarely this fun, or this wholesome.

Also, there’s a brief Lego version of the Scarif Darth Vader escape sequence from Rogue One, and if that isn’t worth seeing, I don’t know what is.


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