Wolverine 2 Sexiness, Gamer Hot-Wiring, And Maybe A Peek At The Tenth Doctor's Final Words

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Hugh Jackman talks Wolverine's lovers (plural!) and there's a scorching new Gamer clip. ScarJo talks Iron Man 2, and Chris Pine talks Trek 2. Plus some awesome Dollhouse and Doctor Who hints. Also: Stargate, Heroes, Warehouse and True Blood spoilers!

Wolverine 2:

Another snippet of Hugh Jackman, apparently from the same interview as yesterday's report. This time around, Jackman says Logan's second solo outing won't be his darkest, because he gets pretty dark in other movies.

I'm going to go out on a limb right now and say it will be the sexiest, though. Because if you read that [comics storyline], there's female companionship. Not just one — for Wolverine. There's quite a bit going on. My wife might have an issue with it, but I think the fans will be happy with it.


I'm embarrassed to admit my memory of the Miller/Claremont Japan story is hazy, but there's a tragic love affair with Mariko Yashida, right? Who are the other women he romances in Japan? [MTV]

I found a pretty decent set of speculation about the Japan story arc, from back in May, including the idea that the amnesiac Wolverine takes part in cage fights, run by Mariko's father Shingen. And maybe Shingen pays Silver Samurai, his illegitimate son, to beat Wolverine in the arena. The wounded Wolverine gets rescued by Shingen's right-hand ninja, Yukio, who has a thing for him — but she knows Wolverine and Mariko are really in love, so she brings the two of them together. Unfortunately, Mariko gets poisoned, and Logan grants her a quick death, just like in the comics. Then Shingen, believing Wolverine killed Mariko, sends both Silver Samurai and his cousin, Sunfire, to kill him. The whole thing is here, and it's way more detailed. [Geek Corner]


Gerard Butler hotwires a car in a fun new clip from this living-video-game movie. [IGN]
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Iron Man 2:

Scarlett Johansson describes her character, Black Widow:

I think the character is a shape-shifter so it was kind of like playing two different characters. One character is more mysterious and — I don't want to say submissive but she's kind of blending in with the crowd, I suppose you could say. The other part of this character is someone who knows their shit and is able to say, "I'm going to fight this head on."


[Comic Book Resources]

Star Trek:

Tiniest scoop ever. Chris Pine says he thinks the movie is coming out in 2011, and he believes the whole cast will be back. (But no clue whether that includes Greenwood and Nimoy.) [L.A. Times]



Simon Pegg and the gang bring us a video blog with a bit of an update on the filming of this alien road trip film. Plus meet new character Keith Nash, a fearless nerd. Who tries to land a "nut shot" on the alien. [What Is Paul via Cinemablend]

Twilght: Eclipse:

Jack Huston (Shrink) will appear in the third movie, playing Royce King II, a human who lived during the Great Depression and has a bit of history with Rosalie Hale. [MTV]



Eliza Dushku tweeted yesterday about second-season filming:

Dress me up Dollhouse day! Whoo-daddy we're adding a new feature this year y'all r gonna LOVE


Wonder what she was getting dressed as... and what this "new feature" is. [Twitter]

Doctor Who:

A page from the 2010 Doctor Who Storybook found its way onto a discussion forum. It appears to be the Tenth Doctor's garbled transmissions about his whole tenure as the Doctor, with quotes from past and future episodes. It includes an upcoming storyline (probably from the Sarah Jane Adventures) where something called the Pantheon Of Dischord is targeting Sarah Jane Smith. Another quote is "Scanning, but it must..." And then there's "...E water! Get away from the wat...", which obviously comes from "The Waters Of Mars." And then, probably from David Tennant's final two parter, there's "Can't be alive! No! The Gate!" (And I'm guessing it's either the Master, or Timothy Dalton's Time Lord, who "can't be alive.) And then there's "One last look... Got to see..." which could refer to the dying Doctor's trip to see Rose Tyler before she'd even met him. And finally, the plaintive "Don't forget me." (Which people are speculating may be Tennant's final words as the Doctor. As if we could ever forget him.) [GallifreyBase, thanks Troy!]



In episode four, we'll find out what Sam would like if he was "totally evil." [EW]



Joseph Adama "is going to go through a real neoclassic Greek tragedy arc," says Esai Morales. [Sci Fi Wire]


Stargate Universe:

Lou Diamond Phillips says his character, Col. Telford, is kind of a jerk who needs to do things by the book. And he explains how he gets involved in the action:

I'm supposed to go through the Stargate into this unknown address. The base is attacked, and a lot of people who should not be in charge are stranded on this ship out in the middle of nowhere called the Destiny. I get stuck on Earth, and it's my mission to try to get to these people ... back, but I have no way to physically get on the ship. ... [So I] keep using these telecommunications stones, exchanging bodies with people and trying to take over and ... get them home.


The body-exchanging technology, discovered in the two-part episode "Arena," leads to what Phillips believes will be the most talked-about love scene of the fall. [Sci Fi Wire]

True Blood:

Sookie will be planting her lips all over Eric's body in Sunday's episode. [EW]


Apparently, Lois and Clark really do "make love" in the season, as many people gleaned from the recent trailer. But meanwhile, there's no movement on bringing back Michael Rosenbaum. [EW]


Warehouse 13:

An upcoming episode involves "nipple clamps," and Pete and Myka do some kissing. But it's a strange kiss. And it sounds like the nipple clamps are an artifact from inside the warehouse? [EW]



Ghosbusters' Ernie Hudson will appear in several episodes as Captain Bullock, a Los Angeles detective who's on the trail of one of the show's super-powered characters. [TV Guide]


Greg Grunberg, never given to hyperbole, says an upcoming episode of Heroes involves "the craziest shit EVER". And apparently it includes a cockroach. And it's "incredible." [EW]


Vampire Diaries:

Marguerite MacIntyre (Mama Trager on Kyle XY) will play Sheriff Forbes. Meanwhile, Robert Pralgo will play Mayor Lockwood and Susan Walters will play Mrs. Lockwood. Finally, Chris Johnson (South Beach) will be playing Logan Fell, the character originally called Logan Mills in the show's casting calls.)


Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.