Sony's commercials have transcended the bounds of normal advertising, and Sony's newest Blu-ray commercial (after the jump) is no exception. Purposefully esoteric, their clarity of message sits somewhere between Cirque Du Soleil and a Jean-Luc Godard film. If we are to take this new Blu-ray commercial literally, the technology scans retinas...of wolves, plays music...through water, and will drop a car on anything that fucking moves. Oh, and Blu-ray is named after the one color it reproduces on the screen.


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Wolves+Lasers= Blu-ray
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50-100 years from now, college courses will study the Sony commercials of this era. And they will be regarded as the most awe-striking failure in history, the Hindenburg disaster over and over again— but with lots more lasers.

New Sony Blu-ray commercial [i4u]