Woman and Dog's Crazy Rescue From Sinking Car Captured on Video

Photo credit: WAFB screenshot
Photo credit: WAFB screenshot

At least 2,000 people were rescued from unprecedented rising flood waters in Baton Rouge on Saturday, and that was just the last reported count. There’s one rescue in particular you have to see though.

The video, posted by WAFB, the Baton Rouge CBS affiliate, shows two men working to pull a woman from a car that had been almost completely submerged in water.

“Oh my god, I’m drowning,” she shouted, before a man jumps in the water after a window is broken, and pulls the woman to safety.


According to the Associated Press, the man who jumps in the water to pull the woman from safety was named David Phung, who a WAFB anchor reports is related to one of the station’s producers. After the woman is above water, she immediately pleads for Phung to get her dog. By this point, the car is completely under water and Phung can’t find it.

“I can’t find her,” he says before diving under water and pulling out the small white pup.

So even if it seems like the end of the world, especially in Louisiana, it’s reassuring to see someone jumping into disgusting brown water full of snakes (no really) to save two lives.

The governor has declared a state of emergency as rescues continue. AP reported that three people are dead and one is missing.



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It’s almost as if there’s a good reason not to drive down a road when you can’t see it the pavement. There are ditches alongside that road and she may have been swept into one.

After every flood there are reports of people being swept away, and the lucky survivors say stupid things like, “I didn’t think (it would be that deep)”.

Sometimes, “stay home” means just that.