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Woman Goes to Jail for Using a Fake Facebook Account to Frame Ex-Lover

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

We shouldn’t have to tell you this: Don’t use Facebook to frame your ex-lover for a crime. A woman in Southern California learned this lesson the hard way after she created a phony Facebook profile of her ex-boyfriend to frame him for stalking, kidnapping, and beating her.


Stephani Renae Lawson of Orange County, California, 25, pled guilty to two felonies—one count of false imprisonment and one count of perjury. She was sentenced to one year in prison.

Lawson had been living with her boyfriend (at his grandparent’s house) for ten months prior to the whole ordeal. She was eventually kicked out for beating up her boyfriend, according to the Orange County Register. That’s when the real trouble started.


Shortly after being booted from the home, Lawson created a fake account depicting her ex, and started sending herself aggressive messages. Then, over the course of a four month period, she repeatedly reported him to the police and had him charged with multiple felonies.

She didn’t stop there. Lawson continued to send herself threats for months. When the district attorney’s office conducted a follow-up investigation, they discovered the messages had come from Lawson’s IP address—meaning she was sending the messages to herself.

She’s now serving jail time, plus three years of probation. Charges against her boyfriend for stalking, kidnapping, battery, and making threats were dropped last month.

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The harassing-FB-messages are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!