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Women in Science Are Coming to Lego This Summer

After far too long, Lego is finally acknowledging that lady scientists exist. We don't yet know which figures will be produced, but it looks like the solitary woman in science minifig will be getting some coworkers!

Illustration for article titled Women in Science Are Coming to Lego This Summer

Professional women minifig concept fan-pitch art.

The project was pitched on the LEGO Ideas platform, and needed to reach a critical thresh hold of popular support before entering production. It made the necessary popular-voting numbers, passed internal corporate review and development processes, and is slated for launch late this summer (tentatively August 2014).


The pitch featured female figures in a variety of professions including astronomer, palaeontologist, chemist, geologist, falconer, robotics engineer, judge, zookeeper, mail carrier, mechanic, firefighter, and construction worker. We don't know what form the final product will take, using these professions or something else, but the LEGO Ideas set #008 will be all-female minifigs in a set titled Research Institute, so it's bound to be science-themed.

While awaiting the summer release, check out these inspirations on remixing existing products to represent women in science: customized lego tributes to actual researchers and a collection of Geologist Barbies.

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The part of me that never got over wanting to be an astronomer needs this figure so bad. She has cute hair! She's wearing pink! She has a telescope. She's me, in an alternate timeline.