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A new study proves that women who don't seem to know much about cars are quoted higher prices for automobile repair than men. But women calling about the hypothetical repair who "indicate they have done research online and know the market rate to replace the radiator" got the same price as men.


The study's authors didn't intend to find gender bias in automobile repair quotes. But it was there in the results:

When [researchers] examined the price quotes given to male and female callers separately, a different pattern emerged (see the figure below). For male callers, there is no difference between having “no idea” about an expected price and being a savvy consumer: either way, you are quoted something right around market price. But for female callers, says Zettelmeyer, “you’re much worse off saying you know nothing as opposed to quoting the price of $365."


Doing research on the Internet before calling the service shop is the best tactic for women worried about getting ripped off by the repairman, the study found.

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