Wonder Woman Finds A New Director—Who Almost Directed A Marvel Movie

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Monday, Michelle MacLaren left her role as Wonder Woman director. Today, another director has officially stepped in. And, in an interesting twist of superhero movie making fate, it's a former Marvel favorite, who never got their chance to make her superhero movie.

THR is reporting that Monster director Patty Jenkins is the new director for the Wonder Woman solo film. This is great — Jenkins was at one point attached to direct Thor 2, and we were destroyed when she exited Asgard. We worried that we'd never get to see Jenkins' superhero vision, but it looks like that's no longer the case.

Also, this was a fast turnaround. You have to wonder how long Warner Bros. and DC were working on this switchover, and why things went south so early in the development process. Fingers crossed for Wonder Woman. It's been a really long time coming for this female-led superhero film. Please don't suck.