Wooden iPad Stand Amplifies Audio and Mocks Your DIY Skills

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As this thing costs 25 notes, I'm going to suggest you pick up some wood and a drill and make it yourself. If you really don't have the inclination for doing so, then head over to Etsy and cough up.

Etsy seller MadeByCosmo uses reclaimed wood from Minneapolis to craft the iPad stands, which are like wooden boxes missing two of the sides and a top. It's got a hole in the left side for poking cables through, and a tiny ledge on the bottom side to lean the iPad on, to make it stand upright. How does it amplify the sound, you may be wondering? The Etsy description says its "built in side board amplifies sound to maximize listening experience," though I'll let you be the judge of that if you do happen to hand over $25. [Etsy via MAKE via OhGizmo]