Words With Friends HD Adds Facebook Connect, Essentially Becoming 'Words With Vague College Acquaintances'

Illustration for article titled Words With Friends HD Adds Facebook Connect, Essentially Becoming Words With Vague College Acquaintances

Words With Friends HD, the iPad version of the excellent cross-platform Scrabble ripoff that is, I imagine, most people's sole vocabulary-building exercise these days, just got a nice 4.0 update bringing a variety of bug fixes, full multitasking support, and, most majorly, Facebook Connect integration. Now, instead of asking for and tapping in your friend's username to challenge them, you can link the app to your FB account and see a list of all your friends, acquaintances, classmates, hookups, exes, enemies, frenemies, friends turned enemies, professors, relatives, and excommunicated relatives who have the app installed, and challenge them more conveniently that way. Presumably this functionality will expand to the app's smaller-device versions in coming days or weeks. [iTunes]


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lets hope it fixes the constant crashes on ipad2, every time i open it, it crashes, i open again it stays.

edit: guess its only the paid version that updated.