Working Tank Treads Keep This Caterpillar Digger For Kids From Getting Stuck

Adding to the already lengthy list of ‘things I wish I had when I was a kid’ this Caterpillar digger has an articulated scooping arm connected to a base with working tank treads that guarantees it won’t get mired in mud while your kid slowly but surely destroys your perfectly manicured lawn.


At $400 it makes for a pricey ride-on toy that isn’t self-powered, but the miniature CAT’s digging arm, made from durable high-carbon steel, does feature spring-assist so it’s easier for kids to lift and dump a scoop full of dirt or gravel.

The digger’s expensive price tag isn’t as disappointing as its weight restrictions, though. In order to take the controls of this CAT you have to weigh less than 75 pounds, which means that few adults will be able to have a turn. So it’s back to sneaking onto construction sites in the middle of the night to have your fun. [Kotula’s via Fancy]

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