World's Fastest DDR3 Memory Belongs in a Rice Rocket

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Not being much of a crazy overclocking modder myself, I don't really get the ridiculous Fast and the Furious design on this A-Data XPG Plus RAM, but the stats don't lie—this module is super speedy at 2,200MHz.

A-Data's XPG Plus Series DDR3-2200+ DRAM, aside from having a name chock full of acronyms, is the world's fastest of its kind, with a 2,200MHz clock speed (the previous record was 2,133MHz). The standard 1.65V modules are available in 2x1GB and 2x2GB configurations, both with A-Data's "Thermal Conductive Technology" cooling system and paint jobs that'll make you happy RAM stays locked up inside your computer. A-Data hasn't released price or release dates, but we'll update this post with them as soon as they do. [A-Data via iTechNews]

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oh my! Im guessing RAM is going to end up passing CPUs before long....