World's First "Bionic" Goose Is Probably Less Bionic Than Dick Cheney

Illustration for article titled Worlds First Bionic Goose Is Probably Less Bionic Than Dick Cheney

This little gosling is adorable, sure, and we're glad its broken leg was repaired so well. But we're not sure a leg brace really counts as "bionic."


The gosling, named Betty, was found with a broken leg and delivered to the quintessentially-British-named Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, where she was fitted with a miniature leg brace. The brace seems pretty much like what a human (or a terrifying robo-crocodile) would have for a particularly nasty break: Steel pins and a steel rod hold the leg in place, and Better was apparently walking around in no time. Tiggywinkles (that gets me giggling every time) plans to release her back into the wild in about three weeks. [Telegraph]


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Needs electronics to be bionic, maybe super strength as well.