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World's First Single-Sided Blu-ray/DVD Hybrid Disc Unveiled

Illustration for article titled Worlds First Single-Sided Blu-ray/DVD Hybrid Disc Unveiled

Infinity Storage Media has a hybrid disc with both Blu-ray and DVD data layers. This means that it'll play on your ancient budget DVD player but it'll also play in high-def in a Blu-ray player.


This is done by stacking the DVD layers on top of Blu-ray layer with permeable layers of varying thickness in between. The differing wavelengths of blue and red lasers allow them to penetrate to a specific depth and read off the corresponding layer. Though the concept is far from new, Infinity is the first to bring these discs into production. [AV Watch]

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I can't imagine the increased costs of this won't somehow trickle down to the end user (marked up, of course), and clearly this is just going to further extend the life of DVD hangers-on (its 9 year reign already shorter than VHS), while draw BD's shelf life even shorter. I'm calling BD's death in 4 years, replaced by digital distribution.

If it wasn't already apparent, I'm skipping this format outright. Bring on the next one.