World's Thinnest Ball Point Pen For Marking Grains of Rice

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Whenever I have to do any nice writing, I head straight to the stationary store for Japanese pens. Don't know why, but there are always shelves full of cool colored, beautifully crafted pens at the local Kate's Paperie (in case you've been searching)imported straight from Japan. So next time I need to be extremely careful with any signing or addressing, I'm going to check out these Signo Ball Point Pens, being touted as "the world's thinnest ball point pen." With a width of 0.18mm, they come in a pack of 8 colors (orange, light blue, violet, pink, red, black, emerald, and blue). Check out Jetpens, which sells them for $25.

World's Thinnest Ball Point Pens by Signo [I4U]


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