Would These Redesigned Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking cold turkey takes a rare sort of willpower that most of us will, unfortunately, never know. So for the weaker willed masses looking to kick the habit, these new cigarette packaging concepts may be just what the (questionable) doctor ordered.

Created by Taiwanese designer Tseng Yi Wen, the simply named Tobacco project looks at four different ways of helping smokers wean themselves off of cigarettes—like the one above, which is meant to force smokers to keep track of exactly how many cigarettes they're consuming. Another design, Tobacco-Luck, uses gradually-increasing filter sizes to supply the smokers with less and less tobacco as they progress through the pack.


Some of the designs, though, seem almost counterintuitive. Tobacco-Sharing comes with filters on both ends, encouraging smokers to split the cigarette in half and share with a buddy.

This is, presumably, so friends can work on quitting together, but the chances of two friends—who are both quitting—only ever smoking with the other present seems slim if not nonexistent. The final concept, Tobacco-Trace, encourages quitting a different kind of bad habit: littering.


Each pack comes with an assigned number which could, theoretically, be traced back to the buyer should any of the butts be found littering the ground. It's all certainly interesting to consider, but is a clever design enough to overcome physical addiction? Leave your thoughts down below. [Design Taxi]


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