Would You Brush Your Teeth with a Twig?

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Leen Sadder, a design student, had to redesign the first thing she threw away after class. She ended up throwing away a toothbrush. She redesigned, hell, re-imagined the toothbrush as a twig. Apparently, it works well.

There's actually people in the Middle East, Pakistan and India who use a Miswak twig to brush their teeth. They bite off the top to reveal softer bristles on the inside (similar to a toothbrush). Her toothbrush, called THIS, cribs off that idea and creates solutions that better fit the American market. For example, instead of being forced to bite off the top, Sadder created a cigar cutter-like cap to do the dirty work. Plus, it's totally natural and biodegradable.

I'm sure somebody would use these twigs to brush their teeth instead of toothbrushes. [Behance via Core 77]

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"Plus, it's totally natural and biodegradable."

Not the container or cap I'd imagine. Not to pick, but if we are ever going to reduce our trash output cutting down on silly packaging is one certain way.