Would You Ever Name Your Child After a Gadget?

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Because all the good names are already taken, it's tempting for mothers to just pop out a kid, look around the room, and say I name thee Curtain Rod. But even that would be preferable to the actual rise in people naming their kids after technology.

Apple has seen a banner moniker year (thanks in part, no doubt, to Gwenyth), Likewise, Mac is up 12 percent. Siri jumped five percent. Then there are the two sets of parents who conceived, carried, and birthed real human children have named their offspring Hashtag. Let's hope those two are in the same kindergarten class. There's also at least once child out there named Google and another called Excel. Who are these people, and what happens when they confuse iPhone Siri with baby Siri? Would give your progeny some cockamamie tech tribute name? [BabyCenter via TheNextWeb via TechRadar]


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Leslie Horn

Okay, what is the absolute worst tech name you could think of for a child?