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Would You Ever Use Twitter For Private Group Chats?

Illustration for article titled Would You Ever Use Twitter For Private Group Chats?

Twitter has never been a company to shy away from shaking up its core feature set. The company's CFO Anthony Noto now says that you might soon be able to have Facebook Messenger-like group chats in your Direct Messages.


Noto, who was speaking at the Citi Global Technology Conference in New York, said that adding group chatting capabilities and improving Twitter's search engine were among the company's top priorities for 2015.


"If I tweeted about a football game and a couple of my college buddies replied to it," said Noto, "I'm not sure I want to have (that) conversation in front of my boss and the rest of the 271 global users. I might want to take that to a private setting which you can do through direct messaging. Today you can only do that one to one as opposed to one to many. So that's an example of innovation around sharing or expression that we can pursue over time."

Good idea/bad idea? You know where the comments are. [The Wall Street Journal]

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