Would You Pay $133 For Sony's 3D Glasses?

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Alongside Sony's upcoming 3D-capable LCD sets, the company has announced standalone shutter glasses and an infrared emitter to drive them. For a family of four, the 3D upgrade would cost $587.

Sony's TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 active shutter glasses will cost about $133 this June in Japan. The emitter will run about $55. (Prices converted from yen.)


Keep in mind, if you buy Sony's flagship LX900 TV, starting at $3900, you get the emitter and two sets of glasses "free." But clearly, Sony's money making strategy is as much, if not more on the peripherals than it is on the televisions themselves. While their glasses may be a higher quality than others in the industry—a reasonable possibility—at least one manufacturer assured me at CES that their shutter glasses would cost about 1/4 Sony's current asking price. [Sony Japan via Akihabara News]

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Do shutter glasses also take batteries?

God I hate this fuggin 3D madness, the TV companies are trying to push. I'll go 3D the very minute I can use my own eyes or my own CURRENT TV, which is only 5 months old, and they stop making 3D movies with the classic 'throwing things at the audience' gimmick.